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July 5, 2009

Real Madrid – New Galacticos

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Galacticos means a team full of players that has status as soccer star, famous for something, it could be his performance, his glamour private live, his selebrity status and etc. Fiorentino Perez , new president of Real Madrid is starting to build this kind of team. Real Madrid right now has two new famous player, they are Kaka from AC. Milan and Christiano Ronaldo from MU. Not mentioned the existing player such as Raul Gonzalez – The prince of Madrid, Sergio Ramos, Gonzalo Hoaqin


July 4, 2009

Michael Owen – Manchester United

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OwenHow do you feel when someone ignored you? Sad ? or just pretend everything gonna be alright?. I think this kind of feeling happen to Michael Owen, the 29 old years player which completed his transfer to MU last night. After Newcastle United was thrown away from Premier League competition, Michael did not have any contract renewal. For a great player like him, this is surely sad. I feel pity for him. He deserve more than a credit. No body will forget his good performance when playing for England. I don’t know what it is that fill up Sir Alex head right now, why he recruit Michael. But I have a very strong feeling that Michael is not ‘game over’  yet, if  Sir Alex give him chances he will surely score for MU. He may be getting older but a brilliant striker will remain a brilliant one.  I really appreciate Sir Alex action, Big player deserve big respect.

July 3, 2009

FIFA Confederation Cup 2009

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fifa confederation cup logoFIFA Confederation Cup 2009 – South Africa. 

Brazil once again proved themselves as a true champion. From day one until final tournament, surprises came and entertained the crowd.  In first day, the world was shocked when Egypt showed their spirit against former World Champion – Brazil. They played well and only lose because lack of luck. 4 – 3 was the scored for Brazil. The next surprise came from Spain. The European Champion went to South Africa with status Unbeaten for 35 matches. But they surrender to USA which became the finalist against Brazil in the Final round. And the last one that play bad and lame is Italy, they were eager to show the world their dominance as The World Champion but surrender to Brazil with 3 goals left behind. A bad start to begin the World Cup campaign. Well…… Viva Brazil, Dunga and his team deserve a compliment for their briliant performance.  Final result : Brazil 3  –  2  USA,   Best Player : Kaka – Brazil,  Top score : Luis Fabiano – Brazil

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